A modern style fully finished and equipped modular residential buildings and holiday homes are prefabricated buildings built indoors in a factory-like setting. The modular home is a building unit measuring a few dozen square meters that is constructed and fully equipped with nearly all facilities at our factory. Modules are usually manufactured using a high-quality C24 carcassing timber together with high-quality insulation, like stone wool or polyurethane foam. The objectives concerning the high-level stability of a building, environmental friendliness, and good thermal insulation are equally fulfilled. Modular homes are equipped with interior and exterior decoration, installations, and communications. All the work that is carried out during the production and installation process of the module is thoroughly checked and verified. A product passport is issued and a unique module number is provided for warranty and post-warranty service at the departure of each module from the factory to the customer. The production process is carried out according to ISO 9001 requirements.

A modular building, as a complete unit, is fully equipped with all sanitary ware, appliances, kitchen furniture and home appliances, interior fittings and even cutlery in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of a customer.

If required, modules can be attached together, and additional modular combinations may be added as needed. The standard dimensions of residential modules are 9 * 3.5m, 10 * 3.5m, 10 * 4m, 50 square meters, and 80 square meters. Such houses are treated as simple and uncomplicated constructions and therefore it is allowed for the construction of such buildings without a permit or requires a simplified construction permit, so it leads to reduced cost in construction and shorter schedule of a building process.

When it comes to manufactured homes, size can vary as we also design and manufacture modular units at the request of a customer.

The modular units are manufactured within a very short period of time. The modular home provides you the capability to move in and live there straight away in 6-8 weeks after signing the contract. We offer a warranty on all our products including equipment installed in your residence.