Combining the experience and knowledge of Lithuanian, Estonian and Swedish construction professionals, UAB “RESTA ES” continues another year of successful business development. We have become the market leaders in this filed in Lithuania reaching a production volume of nearly 400 modules in the year.

As part of its vision, the company offers its customers only the best and most effective solutions at the most attractive price. The modern quality control system of the module manufacturing process, the use of certified materials only, the continuous improvement of the technology, and the professionally trained personnel make it possible to ensure high quality of our products.

We are proud of the fact that the quality of our modular building units has been recognized and ranked highly by construction Scandinavian companies such as SKANSKA, SVEAB, LEMMINKAINEN and others who are our main customers today.

We can produce modular buildings in accordance with the order placed by the customer, specifications and relevant country’s regulatory requirements.

We are looking for sales representatives for our modular units  in all countries around the world. We would like to estabish long term and mutually beneficial cooperation.



Modular buildings are thus generally recognized as rapid, high quality and durable construction solution in Europe. Most often the modules are used as construction site hubs for the provision of welfare facilities to employees and workers, office complexes, administration, and public buildings, hotels, schools, kindergartens, and sports halls.

This construction system quickly eliminates the problem subject to any type of premises with a massive advantage in terms of reduced costs and shorter design stage. You always have the opportunity to transport your modular buildings to another location or site, rent it, sell or, on the contrary, purchase new modules and install them to your existing modular building units, taking into account your current needs.

Modular building units can be built as offices, meeting rooms, changing rooms, showers, kitchens, dining, lounge areas, sleeping rooms, etc. All equipment is fully assembled and tested at the factory, and after delivery of a module, the customer only needs to connect his premises to electricity, water, and wastewater.

A modular construction system is an efficient way of building apartments and residential buildings. This solution is ideal for both building single-unit and multiple unit residential properties. This type of construction is especially popular in Scandinavian countries, Germany, Holland, and Iceland. We are delighted that the construction and rental of modular buildings are becoming more and more popular in Lithuania.